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Oh woe is me! It’s tough in stand up trying to stay ahead

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of the game, trying to always make sure you are being as original as you can.
Again, I am trying to write a new show for this years Edinburgh festival, a show that is going to mainly have themes about being petty and the end of the world next year.
kirosana For a few months I have been furiously (yep, that’s the way I write. Angry) writing down notes and trying to formulate a few pieces only to notice that a few other comics I have worked with recently have beaten me to the punch. Damn! Nothing you can do, just try and come up with something else.220-801

Almost two years ago at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival, I started messing around with a routine about Ugg boots. It was almost a revenge piece about the women that were ruining my show at the time. I worked on the routine and it became an integral part of my Edinburgh show last year. I have just been informed that Chris Addison has done a very similar routine on TV, Dave’s One Night Stand.
There is no question that anything un-toward has happened, I haven’t worked with Chris for a few years or seen him perform and vice versa. He has just had the same idea as myself.220-802

“What can you do?” (New York accent in my head)

What it does mean though, I won’t be able to perform my routine anymore. People will wrongly accuse me of stealing my own material because they have seen somebody do it on the telly. It was a bit I enjoyed doing but will do no more.
It terms of style in stand up, things have changed a lot over the last couple of years. I have to be careful here that I don’t sound like a bitter c***. It seems to me of late that all you have to do is talk about things that happened at other gigs for twenty minutes, stories about heckle put downs or something amazing that happened in the gig. I’ve been doing stand up for 13 years and to be honest nothing that remarkable has happened but the style seems to be these days that you just do a report on your previous gigs. I don’t get it, I always thought you had to write material. For example 98% of my true stories never happened.
There is a hell of a lot of comedy snobbery out there and I can be just as snobby (see above). I’ve never been a fan of the pull back and reveal but when you start comedy it’s a very easy thing to write. Last year I was privy to a conversation that was slagging this kind of joke off, what made me angry was the fact that the people doing the slagging off were not comedians. So out of sheer pettiness I purposely wrote a pull back and reveal for my Edinburgh show last year and it had three reveals. Not many of them for a pound.
So, I’ll keep trying to stay ahead of the game, try to be original but it’s not always easy. If you think something is funny, you can bet your bottom Euro that somebody else thinks the same way. If you are a new comic and you are reading this try and see these following comics Robe de soirée violette
on the circuit, you’ll get a great understanding of various writing styles and performance styles. In no particular order go and see, Gavin Webster, Steve Gribbin, Tom Stade, Ian Cognito, Anvil Springstein, Justin Moorhouse, Gary Delaney, Roger Monkhouse, Paul Thorne, Sean Meo, John Maloney, Seymour Mace, Craig Campbell, Mike Wilmot, Tony Law, Glen Wool, Phil Nichol (Loads of Canadians) Andy Askins, Tom Wrigglesworth, Steve Hughes, Alex Boardman, Dan Nightingale, christ, there are loads more. Apologies for not putting down your name, I’m sure as soon as I’ve posted this loads more will spring to mind.

I’m off to buy some Ugg Boots.

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