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I easily get frustrated these days, think it might have more to do with age. Although I tend to confuse impatience with frustration. I’m getting more and more short tempered as well, yesterday morning for example. I was getting a reasonably early train back from London Euston; the 08.20 to be precise.Robe de Cocktai I like to do the fifteen pound upgrade and relax whilst reading the Sunday papers. I was unable to read any papers yesterday due to the incompetence of WHSmith’s, I entered their overpriced premises with a good fifteen minutes before my train was due to leave, selected my papers then joined what I quickly realised was a very long queue. “No problem” I thought, I’ll just pop my money into that bucket thing, that is there in case you are in a rush you can just throw your newspaper money in to it. The fucking thing was not there, they have taken it out. Shit, what to do? Ok be patient Mick this queue cannot take too long. The queue did not seem to be getting any shorter, shit is some dickhead insisting on using their card for the purchase of water and a newspaper? No, much simpler than that; there was only one fucking member of staff working on the tills!! So I just threw my newspapers onto a shelf and decided to walk out, muttering about how shit WHSmith’s is only to be stopped by a security guard, yes a bleeding security guard that worked for WHSmith’s. Hang on a minute, there was only one person on the till but they felt it was more important to have some bloke in an ill fitting uniform, who undoubtedly has some sob story about the fact “I’m only doing this to pay for university but I’ll take my position seriously and behave like a c***.”


Anyway the above said ill fitting uniform wearing c*** stopped me and said, “if you didn’t want those papers then you should have put them back in the right place.” I replied, “as long as I am not taking anything out of the shop then I can re-arrange the shelves in any way I see fit.” We gave each other a stare then I trounced off.

The one thing that I have eased of though with feelings of frustration is my career. Up until about a year ago I was always in a constant state of worry about it, “it’s not going the way I want” “why I do I never get asked to do certain things” these thoughts would clog up my mind for most of the waking day. It was starting to make me ill. Now I really do not care, I care about my career obviously but I have decided that ploughing my own path is more important. By worrying about myself I didn’t really have much time to be petty about other day to day things.Robe de cocktail sexy

It’s very easy to get frustrated though in comedy, every day that you

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read Chortle there is always some story about someone you have never heard of either appearing on a panel show or actually getting their own show. You know what? Good luck to them, they will be in a constant state of worry over their careers while I’ll slowly turn into the nutter that shouts at things in the street. I’ll be happy doing it as well.

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